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Behavioral Health Consultants, LLC.

3018 Dixwell Avenue
Hamden, CT 06518

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Clinical Services

Behavioral Health Consultants provides a variety of clinical services to meet the mental health needs of the general population as well as our EAP clients.

Intellectual, Personality, and Achievement testing batteries are provided to help with clinical diagnoses and the assessment of general abilities and traits.  Testing batteries are individualized and are utilized in a number of circumstances including pre-employment screening, forensic evaluations and clinical diagnostic assessments.

Individual Psychotherapy:
BHC offers many different individual psychotherapeutic approaches to address our clients’ needs in a practical manner using evidenced based approaches. We work together with our patients to achieve successful outcomes.

Support Groups:
Professionally facilitated support groups can be a primary treatment modality for a variety of presenting problems and psychological disorders. It is a powerful, efficacious and cost-effective intervention that aims to enhance the functioning and well-being of participants. Groups can be open-ended or structured or time-limited.

Geriatric Services:
BHC offers a comprehensive package of services for the geriatric population.  These services are tailored to the specific needs of the individual patient and are designed to augment existing medical, social, and mental health services.  These services are provided either in our offices or in individual short-term and long-term care facilities

Some of the clinical areas that people typically seek services for include:


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