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Employee Assistance Program: Current Clients

Current Behavioral Health Consultant Clients

Welcome to your Employee Assistance Program.  Our goal is to provide you with high quality, confidential services designed to improve your overall health and productivity.


Your EAP is available to assist you and your immediate family with any situation that may be of concern, not just for mental health or substance abuse problems.  Your employer has contracted with BHC to provide you with a number of consultation sessions (different EAP arrangements allow for a different number of sessions per individual so please check with your employer). with a licensed EAP expert.  These sessions are provided at no cost to you and are entirely confidential in nature.

We utilize both BHC employees as well as a carefully selected network of licensed mental health professionals in order to meet the geographic needs of our clients.  All of our providers are experienced and licensed in their respective fields of expertise.


EAP services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our toll-free hotline at 1-800-864-2742.  All you or your dependent family member needs to do is call this phone number to access services.  We will inquire as to the nature of the problem so that we can refer the caller to the most appropriate resource or clinician to meet their needs, both clinically and geographically.

If you are unsure as to whether your problem or difficulty requires consultation, we are available for phone consultation to briefly and anonymously discuss the nature of your concerns and make recommendations for further intervention.

During regular business hours all calls come to our headquarters in Hamden, CT.  After hours the EAP hot line is answered by our medical answering service.  Clinical coverage of the EAP line is handled by one of the four partners of BHC.  Therefore we always have a clinical staff person available for all urgent or emergency calls.


It is important that you recognize that the EAP is available for any issue or concern you or your dependents may be having.  The EAP does more than just provide services for substance abuse or emotional problems.  For example, even happy events such as a promotion, marriage, buying a new home, or having a child can create stress or anxiety.

What follows is a partial list of problem areas that we can provide counseling services for:


In addition to the individual EAP clinical services, our senior staff are available to consult with any supervisor regarding concerns about an employee’s work performance or behavior.  Any supervisor is able to contact us at anytime to discuss concerns regarding the work performance of one of their employees, how to institute a supervisory referral, confidentiality, etc.  This service is available 24/7 and is also accessed through the toll free 800 number.


Have you been feeling down lately?  Wondering if you have been drinking too much?  The following are several questionnaires that you can complete to help you better determine if you have an underlying problem which might require intervention.  These questionnaires are meant as screening devices only and should not be considered diagnostic in nature.  Only a trained professional can conduct a thorough evaluation and determine an accurate diagnosis.